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SpiritsTanagra Marc de Chardonnay Barrique

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• Collecting pressed grapes (= pomace/skins, Afrikaans doppe) from
Springfield’s (Wild Yeast) Chardonnay (directly from the press into
our fermentation tanks, avoiding any contamination)
• Fermentation of grape skins (via attached fruit sugar) over a period
of 2 – 3 weeks
• Slow & careful double distillation with our combined pot/column still
(same distillation as unoaked Marc)
• 2 years maturation in 2nd filled Chardonnay oak barrels
• Gradual dilution with water over a period of 3 – 4 months to bottling
How does it taste?
Gentle, fragrant aromat with slight oak and Brandy flavours, yet still distinctly Grappa character. Smooth and soft (even oiliness) across the palate with again the distinct Grappa characters. Builds intensity in the mouth then givesvery pleasant warming glow on the swallow.
How to enjoy?
• Best enjoyed as Digestif after dinner, either on its own or with
an espresso or coffee
• Serve at room temperature

500ml | Sold In Packs of 1