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BeerCape Brew Co. Krystal Weiss

SKU: 37b7158eb6bc

  • Alcohol: 5.0Vol%
  • Bitter Units: 14 IBU
  • Colour: Krystal version of Amber Weissbier, beer filtered
  • Fermentation: Warm fermentation. Top fermenting yeast
  • Malt: 50% different caramel barley malt & 50% wheat malt
  • Hops: Aroma hops and a specially-selected hop for a more citrusy flavor
  • Yeast: Our very own cultured yeast strain
  • Water: Crystal clear Paarl mountain water
  • Taste: Aromatic twist of lemon & grapefruit flavours, slightly more bitter than Amber with a dry finish

340ml | Sold In Packs of 24