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you ask. We deliver.A STORY

Here is whatWE ARE ABOUT

A portfolio focused on all things craft ranging from beer, cider and artisanal sprits. Sourcing and bringing discerning trade customers a truly unique offering of South Africa’s best products.

Craft Session carries the promise to always stay true to the craft. Products made by hand in small quantities with personality and soul.

A Passion forWHAT WE DO!

Our dedicated team services the Garden Route and Eastern Cape spreading joyful cheer and the good news that Craft Session is here. Providing some of the coolest bars and eateries with professional service and advice from beverage industry experts. This enables our customer to give loyal patrons a truly unique offering and experience.

We have multiple draft assets in the market with the widest selection of products on tap to a brought range of customers. Tailor made offerings – we offer a wide range of craft beer, cider, gin and tonic, brandy, alcoholic ginger beer and wines on tap. Our dedicated team of draft technicians ensure that your equipment is well maintained and serviced at the correct intervals.

Our products are stored at 4’C ensuring shelf life, the freshest product possible with great management and stock circulation.

Retail customers are supported by a well trained field service team that provides a merchandising service ensuring that our product is always on shelf and seen.

Want to grab a drink?FIND US HERE!

So the next natural question is where can we find these products?

As a value-added service, we offer key customers to display fridge units. These units allow our craft beer and cider to always be served well chilled and protected from heat fluctuation which is the biggest problem with the storage of any natural beverage.

In addition, we have draft assets in locations where you can enjoy these products at the optimal temperature and as fresh as if you were having them at the brewery.

If you’re fortunate enough to be close to one of these oasis’s please visit them and enjoy our range of products. See the list of establishments that stock our range.

We don’t like to disappoint, so if you currently reside from Putsonderwater or Pofadder we like you to stay cool. Therefore we make use of Wine at Home online liquor e-commerce that services the whole of South Africa. Giving you the convenience of ordering your favorite beverage from the comfort of your own home, free delivery to your doorstep with a 72 hour turn-around time.

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